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Frequently asked questions


Can I purchase a property in Spain with borrowed funds?

Absolutely! Our expert mortgage brokers are here to assist foreign nationals in obtaining loans from reputable Spanish financial institutions. While you'll need your own funds for the deposit and taxes, we'll guide you through the process.


Can I purchase a property remotely without going to Spain?

Yes! You can trust us to handle the transaction seamlessly on your behalf, even if you're not physically in Spain. Sit back and let us facilitate the entire process for you.


What is the ‘Golden Visa’ program?

The Spanish Golden Visa program is a special residency program designed for non-European Union (EU) citizens who wish to invest in Spain. It offers an opportunity for eligible individuals and their families to obtain Spanish residency in exchange for making an investment in the country.

The program aims to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth in Spain.

Under the Golden Visa program, investors can acquire residency by meeting specific investment criteria. The most common investment options include purchasing real estate with a minimum value threshold of €500,000 + costs. The €500,000 investment can be split between multiple properties but must not come from borrowed funds.

Obtaining a Golden Visa provides numerous benefits, such as the right to live and work in Spain, freedom of movement within the Schengen Area for up to 90 days in every 180 days, access to education and healthcare systems, and the possibility of eventual permanent residency or citizenship.

Note that on the 9th of April, 2024, the Spanish government announced that the Golden Visa program will cease. It is unclear at this time as to when the program will be wound down.